One of the grand traditions of Cub Scouting is the Pinewood Derby.  The primary goal of the event is to give Parent and Scout a cool project to complete together and be proud of.  This is sure to be a fun event, so get started on your car and be prepared for the big day!  We plan to make this a very exciting event—a mix of high cub scout participation with friendly competition.  Even if you don’t win your races, there will be many prizes in other categories (creative design, best paint job, most likely to hold up traffic, etc.).  You have to have a car to win, so make sure you are ready to race.  Check out the rules to ensure your car will be legal.

Archer Glen Cafeteria Rules

Only BSA Dry White Lube can be applied in the Archer Glen cafeteria!!!!
NO Graphite, Hob-E-Lube, Spray lubricants or oils can be used in the cafeteria.
This is due to the mess it can make on the floor and the difficulty involved in cleaning it up.

Any lubricant can be used and applied outside of the school, but any excess needs to be shaken off before the car is brought into the building.   Anyone caught violating this rule will have to clean the floor.

Adding or modifying your car weight on race day

Only non-lead weights are allowed to be handled / cut / drilled in the school, on the designated (Pack provided) surfaces.  You can use lead to weight your car, but do this at home or outside the school.

For the Race Rules: Click here

Here is the schedule for race day at Archer Glen:
11:30 Door open.   Pit Crew table will be open to assist with any last minute car preparation.  YOUR CAR MUST BE READY TO RACE WHEN YOU ARRIVE ON RACE DAY!  The only modifications you should be doing on race day are final trimming of your car weight to not exceed 5 oz. 
Weigh-in, registration, impound.  Your car must be weighed and impounded by 12:15pm
12:15-2:15 Racing Action!
2:15 2:45 Awards, raffle winner pick, and Clean Up

Pack will provide drinks

Race Day Observations

  • Everyone was working on their car until the last possible moment.
  • As long as the car weighed 5 oz and the wheels spun...everything was fine.
  • Coolness is just as important as speed..
  • Bring an few emergency fix-it tools: superglue, sandpaper, a drill, extra screws for your weights, extra weights, a small screwdriver. You may not use it, but it will make you the most popular person at the event.
  • Transport your car in a shoebox. Dropped cars are unfortunately a too common experience.
  • Running the car along the floor prior to the race may cause it to lose!